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  • Span can’t miss
  • Tanaka limiting damage vs heart of the order
  • A-Rod’s streak (not good)

Giants hitters have an OBP of .439 when leading off an inning over their past 8 games. (MLB Rank: 1st; League Avg: .312)

Buster Posey has 12 Extra-Base hits out of 25 total hits (48.0% Extra-Base Hit Pct) with runners in scoring position this season. (League Avg: 33.5%)

Brandon Crawford has 15 well-hit balls in play in 44 AB’s (.341 Well-Hit Avg) versus RHP over the past 30 days. (MLB Rank: 3rd; League Avg: .162)

Denard Span has not swung and missed (26 swings) with two strikes in the past 14 days (8 games) . (MLB Rank: 1st of 160 full-time players; League Avg: 23.1%)

Madison Bumgarner has a Strikeout Pct of 31.2% (40/128) in the past 30 days. (MLB Rank: 7th of 132 qualified SP; League Avg: 19.9%)

Giants hitters are batting .295 (248-for-841) against right-handed relievers this season. (MLB Rank: 1st of 30 teams; League Avg: .248)

Yankees hitters have a Miss Pct of just 18.4% (344/1874) versus LHP this year. (MLB Rank: 1st; League Avg: 23.2%)

Carlos Beltran is averaging just 2.96 Pitches per Plate Appearance (74 pitches in 25 PA’s) versus LHP in the past 30 days. (MLB Rank: 3rd lowest; League Avg: 3.84)

Masahiro Tanaka has allowed only 1 home run to hitters batting 3–4–5 in the lineup this season (170 PA).

Andrew Miller hasn’t walked a batter with RISP . (MLB Rank: 1st of 168 qualified RP; League Avg: 11.4%)

Mark Teixeira has pulled 59.6% of balls he’s put in to play (99/166) this year. (Highest in the league; League Avg: 44.7%)

Alex Rodriguez has gone 18 consecutive games without a 2-strike hit (Todd Cunningham has the longest active streak with 20).

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