Here’s a sampling of what’s Remarkable for Friday, June 10:

  • Something Matt Kemp hasn’t done in a month
  • Hitters try to ambush Clayton Kershaw
  • Giancarlo Stanton has gone missing

Right-handed batters have hit 21 groundballs out of 28 balls in play (75.0% Groundball Pct) against Andrew Cashner over the past 30 days. (This leads all qualified MLB pitchers; League Avg: 46.2%)

Left-handed hitting opponents have a Chase Pct of 45.7% (48/105) against Kevin Gausman in the past 30 days. (MLB Rank: 3rd highest of 143 qualified SP; League Avg: 29.7%)

Ryan Zimmerman has 14 well-hit balls in play in 35 AB’s (.400 Well-Hit Avg) over the past 14 days (9 games). (MLB Rank: 1st of 228 full-time players; League Avg: .161)

Giancarlo Stanton has missed 47.5% (77/162) of swung-on pitches in the past 30 days. (MLB Rank: 221st of 221 full-time players; League Avg: 23.0%)

Trevor Rosenthal has walked 12 of 45 batters (26.7%) in the past 30 days. (MLB Rank: 181st of 181 qualified RP; League Avg: 8.5%)

Braves hitters have homered once every 82.6 at bats this year. (MLB Rank: 30th of 30 teams; League Avg: 29.8)

Matt Kemp has not drawn a walk in his last 117 PA’s dating back to May 11, 2016 (this is the longest active streak).

Steven Souza has at least one strikeout in 17 consecutive games, dating back to May 21, 2016 (this is the longest active streak).

Hitters have a Swing Pct of 40.5% (801/1978) against Clayton Kershaw on the first pitch of at-bats in the past three years. (This leads league of 112 qualified SP; League Avg: 28.3%)

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