Here’s a sampling of what’s Remarkable for Thursday, June 2:

  • The leader in line drive rate vs RHP is a bit of a surprise
  • Yankees hitters giving away outs on first pitch
  • A reliever on a roll

Left-handed batters have a Miss Pct of 38.0% (35/92) against Madison Bumgarner this year. (MLB Rank: 2nd of 141 qualified SP; League Avg: 21.5%)

Justin Smoak has a Line Drive Pct of 40.7% (22/54) versus RHP . (This is the highest percentage in MLB among full-time players; League Avg: 21.3%)

Opponents have an OBP of .435 against Alfredo Simon this season. (MLB Rank: 141st of 141 qualified SP; League Avg: .317). Simon pitches in Colorado today.

Yankees hitters have a Batting Average of just .045 (1-for-22) on the first pitch of at-bats in the past 7 days. (MLB Rank: 30th of 30 teams; League Avg: .389)

Evan Longoria has not grounded out in any of his last 13 games (this is the longest active streak).

Astros reliever Will Harris has allowed no extra-base hits in his last 26 innings pitched (this is the longest active streak).

DJ LeMahieu has gone to the opposite field with 52.6% of balls he’s put in to play (41/78) over the past 30 days. (highest percentage in MLB; League Avg: 29.6%)

Mike Napoli is averaging 4.76 Pitches per Plate Appearance (961/202) this season. (highest in MLB; League Avg: 3.88)

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